1Zombie Paintball Safari

It has finally happened, A zombie apocalypse. It seems as if all the evil and carnage was like bait that has attracted the living dead to Popes Farm. However, all is not lost... this is your chance to eradicate the zombies. This is ground zero. The paintball bullets have been filled with zombie anti-serum that was created by chemist at Auburn University. Now its up to you and your aim to shoot these blood thirsty creatures and save all of humanity.

2Haunted Hayride: The Hunted!!!

Take a journey through the most remote areas of the farm where a you become "The Hunted" as predators lie waiting in the dark. Evil clowns, chainsaw wielding maniacs, Werewolves, and man eating dragons will be waiting as you pass by graveyards, abandoned sheds, and old campsites. This is the longest known running haunted attraction in Alabama. It has been operating for 23 consecutive years.

3Haunted Barn: Times UP!!!

If going to the nursing home to see grandma and her crazies or having to walk by a hearse in the dead of night strikes fear in your soul. Then your time may just be UP. Travel into little Lizzy’s playhouse of terror or see what’s lurking behind the clothes in momma’s closet. If you are scared of heights or claustrophobic this may really be the end ...Times UP!!!

4Haunted Forest: The Darkness

Enter into The Darkness... The most extreme event on the farm. What you run up on in this secluded trail may be too intense for some. Whether its wading through the head high switch grass or entering one of the many old shacks along the path ,you are in the dark woods, home of evil trolls warlocks and lunatics. Many unexplained phenomena have occurred in this portion of the farm. So enter if you dare...You have been warned.