1Zombie Paintball Safari

It has finally happened, A zombie apocalypse. It seems as if all the evil and carnage was like bait that has attracted the living dead to Popes Farm. However, all is not lost... this is your chance to eradicate the zombies. This is ground zero. The paintball bullets have been filled with zombie anti-serum that was created by chemist at Auburn University. Now its up to you and your aim to shoot these blood thirsty creatures and save all of humanity.

2Haunted Hayride: Taken!!!

As your tractor drawn wagon creeps deep into the night, Creatures of the dark come to life.
BEWARE: Some of you may be taken by the lost souls that wander through the farm in October.
New scenes this year include: The Beast, JigSaw, IT, and the Salem Witch.
This is the longest running known haunted attraction in Alabama, Operating for 24 consecutive years now.

3Haunted Barn: Escape!!!

This self guided tour takes you through a seemingly endless sequence of rooms straight out of your worst nightmares. Can your group Escape out alive...or will you be left Alone?
New scenes include: Ouija Board, Mannequin Shop, The BoneYard, and The Tool Shed.

4Haunted Forest: Paranormal Activity

Strange and unexplained things have been happening in the forest. The trees themselves seem to whisper warnings of things that are to come as you wind through the dimly lit path. Though too intense for some, those that do not heed the warning and continue, will defintely witness the Paranormal Acitivty that has wreaked havoc over the farm for years now.
New Scenes this year include: Annabelles Dollhouse, The Graveyard, Chainsaw Chamber, and The Rat Hole